Brazilian BUll 
Churrascaria * Steakhouse

Step #2:  You First start at the Brazilian Bull Award Winning appetizer bar.  There you will help yourself to over 25 various items that range from traditional salad items, to international salad items and a large variety of seafood specialties. There are also 4 hot dishes that vary on a regular basis.

“The salad bar alone was enough”..... Joe N.

“The salad bar was perfect”.....Christine C.

“My wife who is a vegetarian had more than enough to eat at the salad bar”.....Jeffrey R.

Step #3:  After you’ve completed the appetizer bar portion, your ready for the meats.   Flip the control cylinder over to green and our staff will bring you over our special hot side dishes which includes fried bananas, garlic rice, beans, Farofa (Brazilian seasoning) and salsa vinaigrette.  The parade of meats will then begin where our meat chefs come table-side and slice the meat right to your plate.  Each cut of meat can be prepared to your liking, rare, medium or well. During lunch we offer a variety of 6 meats and during dinner, 16.  Eat as much or as little as you like. Our Dinner offerings include *Garlic Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Tenderloin, *Linguisa (Sausage), *Ham, Kebob, Turkey wrapped in Bacon, *Sirlion, *Top Sirloin, Picanya, *Tri Tip, Garlic Steak, Lamb, Chicken Hearts, Prime Rib

*: Indicates lunch meats

“The meat kept coming”..... Keith F.

“A carnivores dream”.....Ricardo E.

Step #4:  Now that your at the point of bust, make sure you leave room for dessert.  Take the control cylinder and set it sideways, “I’m done!”.  Our staff will clear your table, and a six foot dessert cart will be wheeled over.  Every Brazilian Bull dessert is made daily and from scratch. 

“That was the sweet spot”..... Tara G.

“The Tiramisu was the best I’ve had”....Jackie R.



  1. 1.Light Lunch Meat Sampler: $8.00 (Mon - Thursday)

  2. 2.Appetizer Bar Only: $9.99

  3. 3.Traditional (Appetizers & Meat): $19.99


  1. 1.Traditional (Appetizers & Meats (14 types): $29.99



3-4 Years old: $6

5-9 Years old: 1/2 Price of Traditional Meal

Desserts and Drinks are extra.

Step #1:  Once you arrive at Brazilian Bull, our Maitrd’e will be right over to greet you, explain the system and take any drink orders.  You will receive a tall cylinder painted in red, yellow and green.  When the red is on top, that means “Stop or I’m taking a break”, when you flip it over to green, then that means “Go or keep the meats coming”.  When you lay it sideways, that means. “I’m done and ready for dessert”

“This concept is awesome. I controlled the entire dining experience....Jack S.

At Brazilian Bull we do not offer a traditional Menu of dining but instead have a system where you can sample all of our award winning salad and meat selections. Eat as much or as little as you like.

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